TKL Concept™ 2.9 Dreadnought 6 String Pro-Form® USA Molded Guitar Case

TKL 8710

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TKL 8710
Gustavo Alberto C.

Hola para guitarras Ovation Super Shallow que me pueden ofrecer?


Bruce F.

I have a Martin D42 custom Adirondack-Madagascar wood guitar with Martin case. It looks like TKL8710 model but the lining is green. The issue is that the "strap is too short" so the case keeps closing on it. One time I tried to put the guitar in the case, the case closed on it, and the latch punched the beautiful Adirondack wood top!!  So, do you know if you repair cases? Do you have and ideas?

Bruce Fowler

Ken F.


We're sorry to hear this. We can increase the length of the lid stay on your case.

Please email to coordinate.

Bruce  T.

I have a standard 2018 Martin D28 acoustic guitar, for which I am looking to buy a sturdy molded case. Can you please let me know if the TLK 8710 will fit my guitar as well as the TLK hard-shell case (vinyl covered wood) that came with it. If not, can you tell me which of your molded cases would be best. Assuming that the 8710 and the 8710CSB cases would be best for my guitar, can you please tell me if are there any differences between these two cases, other than the color. Thank you.

Ken F.

I apologize for such a late reply. The 8710 will fit your D28 very well. There are no differences in the 8710 and 8710-CSB other than the color.